Cautious Clay Drops Deliciously Rich & Uplifting Juliet + Caesar

Cautious Clay Drops Deliciously Rich & Uplifting “Juliet + Caesar”

Following a year which included collaborating with Petit Biscuit and Bipolar Sunshine, charting on Apple Music, and being selected by SoundCloud as an artist to watch in 2018, Cautious Clay kicks off the year with Juliet + Caesar.

Gospel-inflected harmonies, hand claps, and a saxophone lead into a deep rumble of bass and layered vocals with sharp lyrics and a bouquet of uplifting vibrations that thunder in your chest and fill your ears with delicious and rich textures. The Brooklyn-based artist delivers an impressive soulful piece, and everything about this will make you feel real good. With talent like this, I agree with SoundCloud.

Juliet + Caesar can be found on Cautious Clay’s forthcoming EP, “Blood Type”, due next month.

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