Listen To Future Soul Powerful Process

Listen To Future Soul’s Powerful “Process”

The process isn’t what it seems and Future Soul (Nicholas Tillery) digs into this idea with Process.

Prior to releasing this, Tillery battled depression and found solace in songwriting. In 2014, he returned to his home in Phoenix from Nashville after a tumultuous period, and eventually recorded his EP, Elastic Love, ironically back in Nashville. What he’s presented is a stripped down project comprising of only piano, bass, drums, and his voice, leaving us with the basics in a raw and minimal format.

Process is an exemplary piece of soulful and overwhelming beauty that strikes at the idea of molding ourselves and our idea of love. “We are so desperate to find comfort in one another that we rush and we lust, mistaking our temporary actions for something greater,” explained Tillery in an email. “We find false comfort in the idea of someone. We bend and mold love to our own ideal situation.”

Listen to Process below along with the rest of Elastic Love.