Hendrix Harris Drops Booming Debut Single Bankwrapped

Hendrix Harris Drops Booming Debut Single “Bankwrapped”

Hendrix Harris is a 22-year-old newcomer from Paris who previously worked with GENIUS on “Blessed Trooper” from their forthcoming album. Now, the young artist has dropped his debut single, Bankwrapped.

Produced by GENIUS, Bankwrapped comes in with a fuzzy hum and a light little note that rings until Harris joins with deep bass. It booms and rumbles, undulating with fierceness along with the same light note moaning beneath. Throughout, Harris switches between singing and rapping about banks and how they’ve got us all wrapped up and how we can wrap them. There’s something about the lo-fi playful note and the deep looming bass that is irresistible.

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