Her Songs Shares Warm New EP Single I Wonder

Her Songs Shares Warm New EP Single “I Wonder”

Her Songs is a new global collective comprising of Emmavie (UK), Emily C Browning (New Zealand), The Naked Eye (UK/France), Marie Dahlstrøm (Denmark), and Dani Murcia (US/Colombia).

Ahead of their forthcoming EP, Toronto Songs Vol 1.’ (shoutout Toronto!), the collective has shared the second single titled I Wonder. With sparse instrumentation, splashes of piano and guitar, and a warm honeycomb of harmonies, I Wonder contends with the idea of their grandchildren looking back and asking them what the world was truly like in 2020. Speaking on the track, the group says:

 ‘”I Wonder’ came about after a dinner table conversation on climate change, sharing our worries about what the future looks like for generations to come. It’s difficult to write political lyrics without preaching, so instead, we focused on the perspective of youth and curiosity in 50 years time, looking back and wondering what it was like to fly in an aeroplane and see the ocean from the sky.”

‘Toronto Vol. 1’ is the result of a collaboration between widespread backgrounds, cultures, and musical identities with one ambitious goal: writing and producing 4 songs in 4 days. The EP moves from sun-kissed R&B to heartfelt ballads, showing the considerable range of the remarkable group.