Josh Mosier Releases Soulful New EP My Love With Oskay

Josh Mosier Releases Soulful New EP “My Love” With Oskay

Josh Mosier is an emerging artist from Austin/New Orleans that just linked up with Oskay for the single My Love from his second EP of the same name.

Mixing Oskay’s emotive downtempo instrumental with Mosier’s guitar licks, My Love is a sobering number as Mosier coo’s for a lost or unrequited love. With his head and heart inundated with signals crossed with radio wires and sulphuric yearning, his cries dissipate into the bottomless ocean. Endless and devouring. Bring your dirty stars to drown in this deep blue for the warm body you once held now has iron lungs. So suffocate on the godless orchestra and those blinding green eyes.

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