Lyves Announces New Project & Releases Still

Lyves Announces New Project & Releases “Still”

After releasing one of my favourite EPs of last year, Lyves (Francesca Bergami) spent time some with Coldplay during their European tour and then hit the studio. Still is the first new single from a new eight-track project that will include a video for each and lensed by a different director in order to explore a variety of themes told throughout the collection. Titled “Eight Rooms”, the project will be dripped over the next eight months as viewers are brought into an emotive and captivating exploration of each theme.

“My intent for this series is to unravel emotions that are so often buried,” explains Bergami. “Many of the emotions are representative of healing, and in turn, growing. By bringing them to light, I hope to illustrate how interconnected we are as humans and how universal emotions can be, no matter how different they may seem on the surface.”

With help from JNTHN STEIN, guitars twinkle behind a cascade of rumbling bass and percussion that skitters and claps alongside glitched notes. It gradually builds like a wild-eyed temptest as Bergami seeks solitude from the deafening despair that shivers and quakes in her belly. Lush and reflective throughout, the final rapturous moment erupts from the maw with a glimmer of hope.

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