MKSTN, Inna Powel, Tea Kittagucci & Nevon Are Venice Lovin

MKSTN, Inna Powell, Tea Kittagucci & Nevon Are “Venice Lovin”

As the eternal cold of this dead winter crawls into the sewers and dissipates, a powerhouse of Toronto natives has released Venice Lovin.

This MKSTN, Inna PowellTea Kittagucci, and Nevon (Daniel Caesar’s backing vocalist) single is tranquil, and envelopes and melts around you with smouldering warmth. Fusing soulful R&B with a beautiful guitar that rings throughout like quivering loins, it’s dreamy and sensual with the voluptuous rumble of sex as it heaves with the synth glimmered thighs of the Pacific. Like a volcano trembling with eruption from the belly of the deep blue, Venice Lovin’ will make you feel some kind of special way.