MKSTN Remixes Inna Powell's "Helping Put Your Dress On"

MKSTN Remixes Inna Powell’s “Helping Put Your Dress On”

We last heard from MKSTN a year ago with the release of his Nocturnal EP along with a video for Don’t Want To Fall In Love with TEA. Since then, the Toronto based producer has been laboring over new work like the remix of Helping Put Your Dress On by local indie folk rock band Inna Powell.

You won’t find any semblance of folk here, only the cool breeze of a sensual touch. With your eyes shut, your body melts into the bass and time around you slows to a slinking crawl while you let go of any troubles and fears. Forget that summer is nearing its end and put MKSTN’s remix on your summer playlist so you can get lost in that dreamy guitar over and over.

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