Peter Kuli & Still Haze Guide You Through The Dreamy "Potion"

Peter Kuli & Still Haze Guide You Through The Dreamy “Potion”

Coming off the release of their collaboration, “Cozy”, producer Peter Kuli and singer-songwriter Still Haze re-unite for their second effort titled Potion.

Originally written with just a guitar, Potion fuses analogue with electronic and drifts with the aura of a dream. It’s a fresh breath of air with clear eyes and a clear mind with timeless blue droplets led by Kuli’s slight rasp that add a level of sincerity. Speaking on the single, Still Haze says:

“Potion” was conceived as an acoustic idea written with just guitar and vocals. It’s a self-reflection with an air of sass. It describes a newly attained mental state of moving forward in a bit of a pragmatic manner. There are references about cutting toxic people out of one’s life and getting tired of being burdened by others’ complaining and negative energy. It’s a lash back at people who are not taking responsibility or holding themselves accountable for problems that they’re not taking steps to change.

My songs are always written from a place of almost contradictory duality. So there are lines that purposely play the alternate perspective.”