Raveena's If Only Is The Soulful Warmth You Need

Raveena’s “If Only” Is The Soulful Warmth You Need

You may remember Raveena from her sublime debut, You Give Me That or the three-track EP that would follow. Since then, she’s released two singles plus the just-released If Only, all of which can be found on her forthcoming EP, “Shanti”.

If Only is another smooth cut with voluptuous embers that swoon through the air, fluttering and beating with a throwback vibe. Her airy voice next to the warm instrumental are like a secret inner joy that caresses you. But as warm as this sounds, the inspiration was bred from something more sinister.

“I wrote the lyric ideas for ‘If Only’ a couple years ago after I had finally left a toxic relationship,” explains Raveena. “Recently, I rediscovered them and brought them to my producer and boyfriend Everett Orr, who helped bring the lyrics to life with the right melodies and music. For me, this song is about recognizing your own strength and divinity as a woman and moving on from anyone in your life that doesn’t support that journey. People you surround yourself with should make you feel empowered and safe – not drained, manipulated or on edge.”

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