Sandy Scribbles Reminisces About Summer With Kaytranada

Sandy Scribbles Reminisces About Summer With “Kaytranada”

Sandy Scribbles has spent the last seven years writing for other artists including hometown heroes Flo Rida and Trina. Last month, she shifted into the spotlight by releasing her debut EP, “Scribbles in a Song Book, Vol 1 – ‘Born Again’” – a reflection of the feelings you get in your stomach. “I wanted to be experimental,” explains the Miami-based artist. “I wanted to explore little-talked feelings and topics, especially in R&B. The project has songs about being an outsider, being born again, and feeling nice because you’re pretending everything is okay. The other things in our minds.”

From the project comes Kaytranada – a song about reminiscing about those hazy summer nights spent smoking and listening to Kay’s music with a lover you want back but then don’t get. Memories are awash with soulful, dream-like warbles saturated with languid drums and live melodic guitars courtesy of producer Kris – Karz. This is that eternal summer that you lived a thousand days, alive and enflamed, pouring out of your speakers during this cold, dead winter.

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