SHY Nodi Has No Time And No Vibe For You

SHY Nodi Has No Time And “No Vibe” For You

SHY Nodi is a Stockholm-based newcomer who up until his debut single, “Complex”, has been writing for artists like Astrid S, NEIKED, and The Chainsmokers. “This solo project is very special to me,” explains SHY Nodi. “(It’s) A free space where I can be brutally honest and vulnerable to myself and the world. I want people to be able to get to know me through my music.”

Today marks the release of his second single titled No Vibe featuring close collaborator and fellow Swede, Agrin Rahmani. No Vibe stretches and pulls like elastic personalities with the leaden weight of bass and dancing notes as a crisp SHY Nodi glides over the polished piece. Speaking on the single, he says:

“’No Vibe’ is a self-perceived image of identifying destructive patterns in a relationship and daring to break free from them. People change and it’s sad how money, status and material things sometimes can be prioritized over true friendship or love. In this world, genuine relationships are all we have left in the end. You can’t take money with you to the grave.”

A debut mini-album from SHY Nodi is planned for sometime in 2019.

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