The Naked Eye Shares Second Video From Trilogy Series, IntroEmbrace

The Naked Eye Shares Second Video From Trilogy Series, “Intro/Embrace Me”

Following last years self-titled EP, London-based singer-songwriter The Naked Eye (Frenchie) now has a collective of friends and creatives helping her with the EP’s visual chapter. Last month saw the release of the first of three videos for Burned, and we now have Embrace Me.

Embrace Me was the first song to be written for the debut EP and is paired with the sensual and meditative ‘Intro’. A special recording for Frenchie, the extended introduction makes reference to her French roots through its beguiling words, translated from the following track. ‘Intro’ was originally intended to be a standalone video, but not wanting any of the additional footage to go to waste, Embrace Me was reunited with its counterpart to make a seamless whole.

With the help of Canadian director Braden Wilson, we become witness to an immersive visual featuring Frenchie and two dancers in the hazy allure of nature. With the resplendent warmth of the sun and mother nature enveloping them, the trio’s organic movements are captivating as they build on the tension between them until the climactic finale. It’s as if the world is opening between the petals of two humans and with euphoric energy, the surroundings fold and they are rejoined by arms, breasts, golden hearts, and the sublime skin of the belly.

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