Submerge In "Something New", Adria Kain's Soulful And Introspective New Single

Submerge In “Something New”, Adria Kain’s Soulful And Introspective New Single

It’s been a minute, but Toronto’s Adria Kain is back in full circle with the reflective and emotional Something New. As transparent as ever, Adria thoughtfully pens down her struggles and disappointments along her musical and personal journey.

Stripped down over mellow synths and somber guitar arrangements, Adria passionately laments on past choices with a heaviness that weighs down like an anchor into listeners’ souls and pricks at their consciences. Something New is a melancholic serenade of what it feels like getting the first breath of air after being submerged in a deep, dark ocean of one’s own desolation for so long.

With a voice that can silence any room, Adria humbly graces her listeners with those oh so soulful blues and heartfelt lyrics of self-surrender:

“Cry tears for the ones who loved and left. Cigarette for the pain I can’t forget. Silhouettes of a life that I once loved. Sipping wine for the days that I breathe. Make a toast to the ones who believe that I can make it out alive. Since I lost my way down the path that I made for me. The time that I wasted, pleading, wish I could take it back to a place of better love for me. Lord knows that I need that.

The meditative ballad expresses the sadness that comes with cutting off old ties, and the hopefulness that comes with new beginnings.

Closing off with melodic, choir-like vocals over immaculate violins, Something New is the refreshing song for the heart and soul you never knew you needed.

I’m not crying, you are.

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