Toronto Singer Maccie Craves Your Touch On Bleed

Toronto Singer Maccie Craves Your Touch On “Bleed”

Following the release of her debut power anthem High, Maccie returns with a different kind of anthem. On Bleed, the Toronto singer details her obsession with lust and the control it has over her mind and body. “Baby, fill me up I love it when you’re filthy. Buzzing on your love, you got me feeling tipsy” she sings over the deep industrial instrumental; the eroticism in her voice and words permeates the air in this stellar single.

“‘Bleed’ is about lust. It’s not about the act of sex… It’s about wanting sex. Needing it. Craving it. Obsessing over it. It is about a sexual experience so powerful that it haunts every interaction I have with anyone else and trumps any and every thought that tries to take precedence in my mind.” – Maccie

You can find Bleed and High on her soon to be released debut EP, Primal.

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