Superficial Drops Self-Produced LP Featuring Therapy

Superficial Drops Self-Produced LP Featuring “Therapy”

Between drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, another bacon filled burger that twists your arteries and intestines like a rabid anaconda, we all have our vices. On Therapy, Brooklyn-based rapper/producer Superficial spits on the stresses that plague us over an old school vibe beat and our necessity to seek therapy in those vices. When bar comes in, a wide-eyed warp wobbles through like the onset of all-consuming stresses followed by a tense swirl of tangled synths that electrifies the synapses. Bar, however, reminds us to focus on the positive and relinquish whatever ails us, “In the larger scheme of things, I know my life is a second/ It gets harder to invest when you’re in times of recession/ But all investment is conceptual– your mind is a weapon.”

We all struggle with our own shit, so just be there for one another without judgment. Spin Superficial’s self-produced project, LōRDAMERCY, on Soundcloud.