Toronto's TOBi Spreads That Love On Soulful LiBRA

Toronto’s TOBi Spreads That Love On Soulful “LiBRA”

Rising Nigerian-born, Toronto-raised artist TOBi is still riding the heat from this summer’s FYi EP, including last month’s colorful video for Deeper. Yesterday, he dropped the soulful new single, LiBRA.

Taking two steps forward, TOBi hits the spotlight and croons some simple advice to listeners and especially the boys who know no better. It may sound so easy from so far away, yet men may need to take his words on LiBRA to heart as well. Romantic in the most subtle of ways, like staying out late and getting drunk as fuck and going home together, even the most walled off of us can vibe to this. Let that love shine, boy.

TOBi explained the track to The Fader:

“Being a Libra, we are prone to wanting to live in harmony with others and we have a deep love for life and people,” TOBi told The FADER over email. “I wanted to challenge our ideas of modern masculinity with this record, and allow myself to be vulnerable as a romantic. In the ‘swipe left, swipe right’ paradigm we currently live in, human connection sometimes seems disposable. My wish is that ‘LiBRA’ consoles those people who still believe in romance.”