TOBi Has His Patience Tested On "Indecisions"

TOBi Has His Patience Tested On “Indecisions”

Some vocalists just have that kind of voice that demands your attention. Stop you in your tracks, “what the fuck did I just hear?” kind of attention. Brampton singer, rapper, and songwriter TOBi has just that kind of voice. Indecision puts those vocals on blast as TOBi plays with his pitch and transitions from singing to rapping with finesse. “Borderline atheist, momma asked me why I don’t pray for shit, well I could work hard and pay for shit, better yet rob still just take shit,” he raps, touching on tough choices involving fake people, racism, and more. Do you want to love and accept everybody or hate everybody and say fuck them? Each day can be a battle but in the end, be strong and let’s just love each other.

The Nate Smith produced Indecisions is off TOBi’s forthcoming FYi EP, along with Deeper. Put this man on your radar.

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