WHOISDEARJANE Delves Into Dark Corners With "Temporary Bed"

WHOISDEARJANE Delves Into Dark Corners With “Temporary Bed”

WHOISDEARJANE is the new musical project from Tammy Infusino and finds the singer/songwriter delving into the darkest corners of her life. On Temporary Bed, she details the sordid tale of an emotionally unavailable woman and her inability to allow real love in.

Through this Nico Cary produced journey of heartbreak, vice, pain, pleasure, lust, thievery, regret, fear, and deception, a dark atmosphere of subterranean bass lingers beneath the haze of Infusino’s soulful vocals and evocative lyrics. A flicker of light catches on to her words, only to fizzle out into a drop of ice that shatters and remains frozen in the lurid room that reeks of twisted bodies like a cavalcade of shipwrecks on desolate shores.

For more moody music from WHOISDEARJANE, spin her debut EP, Dear Jane.