YellowStraps & St. South Release The Delicious Nights Up

YellowStraps & St. South Release The Delicious “Nights Up”

Originally a duo comprised of self-taught brothers, Alban and Yvan Murenzi, the now Belgian trio known as YellowStraps recently dropped their latest single, Nights Up. 

Opening with a quick drum intro and voices talking in the background, Aussie singer/producer St. South enters with a warm glow around her tranquil vocals. Somewhere between future beats and neo-soul, this narrative about a girl who wants more than a friendship is delicious with a sensual touch that ripples over melodious skin. As the beat drops into the twilight, singing, Look, just look the other way“, keys join the mix with a flutter of synths and a smooth duet that takes a narcotic flight.

YellowStraps’ “Blame” EP is due by the end of 2017.

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