Best Baby Releases The Raw & Searing Debut Get Mine

Best Baby Releases The Raw & Searing Debut “Get Mine”

Newcomers Best Baby is a Brooklyn-based four-piece (Claire Lorenzo on vocals, Marissa Mazzotta on guitar, Noah Guerin on bass, and Dale Classen on drums). Although, I guess you could say they got their start when Mazzotta’s mother used to enter her in baby pageants; in 1993, she won Rhode Island’s ‘Best Baby’.

After a year of playing through local venues, Best Baby is preparing to release their debut album. Get Mine is the first taste and their debut anti-capitalist single. Just when they were entering college and the adult world, the financial crash struck in 2008 and they watched the 1%, who were responsible for the crash, walk away unscathed, without as much as a slap on the wrist, with their year-end bonuses in-tact. Twelve years later, we’ve all watched the gap between the rich and the poor widen even further. “It’s painfully clear that those with economic power, those “in charge,” in this country see themselves as above the law and above everyone else,” says the band. “Those Wall Street fat cats who think they’re entitled to their stranglehold on majority of our country’s wealth—to them I ask the question, “What makes you think you deserve anything?””

Listen to the band howl with raw searing energy here.