Callum Pitt Soars In Foot Stomping Away From The Rousing Parades

Callum Pitt Soars In Foot Stomping “Away From The Rousing Parades”

Callum Pitt continues to dazzle with another fine folk-inspired single. Away From The Rousing Parades is his most raucous release to date. It begins with a simple fingerpicked riff with the coastal sun gleaming alongside as it builds into a sweeping Americana-influenced crescendo. Feet stomp and march as the band strikes and soars with a heaving roar of uplifting energy and warm harmonies that’ll have you stomping and singing along.

Explaining the inspiration behind Away From The Rousing Parades, Pitt says:

“‘Away From the Rousing Parades’ is my most energetic and passionate single so far, it considers my own mortality, and the process of working out what I value most in life. I’ve spent lots of time in the past comparing myself to others and this song talks about letting go of the need to feel validated by anyone other than close friends, family and yourself, taking ownership of your self-worth, and being at peace. This is by far our favourite to play live because we can really let loose and give out instruments a good bash.”

Pitt is currently writing and recording new songs and aiming to release an EP later this year.

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