Dream People Share Melancholic 'I Knew Everything About You

Dream People Share Melancholic “I Knew Everything About You”

Lisbon-based indie rock outfit Dream People are set to release their debut album ‘Almost Young’ next month. Following singles ‘People Think’ and ‘Suburban Lifestyle’, they’ve shared the third titled I Knew Everything About You. 

It’s a dreamy affair with swirling nebulous elements and drifting vocals that gradually builds into a cathartic release as the band reflects on lost love. Broken into three parts, the band offered some insight into each:

“It is a melancholic song of love, loss and grievance. The song is built in three different parts, like a story through a relationship. The first part is about love and sure beginnings. The singer starts by describing a true and gentle love, a love that is sure to last a lifetime. This idea of loving “out of Time”, is symbolised by the impervious nature of the clouds, where the couple sow their love.

In the second part of the song, the relationship deteriorates. People who were fond of each other grow apart and only memories hold them together. But the world just keeps on spinning, impenetrable to their demise.

Finally, the song explodes in a thunderous blast of pain and emotion, as two worlds are unmercifully ripped apart. In the end, one is left alone, knowing everything of someone who is not there anymore.”

I Knew Everything About You is joined by a Francisco Taveira made video. Watch below.

‘Almost Young’ from Dream People is due out March 12.