Eliza Shaddad Looks To The End With Anxious This Is My Cue

Eliza Shaddad Looks To The End With Anxious “This Is My Cue”

Eliza Shaddad’s forthcoming debut album, “Future”, is expected this Fall and was recorded in the same remote studio in Devon where she wrote her “Run & Waters” EP. With two of its singles already released, the London-based artist has dropped the third titled This Is My Cue.

Of the song, Shaddad says it’s, Literally what’s going around inside my brain in most relationships… This song is about freedom and anguish and trying to find the strength of mind to end things.” This is when smouldering passion that tears through flesh and bone becomes bitter indifference that needles through your veins. Spacious with distorted guitars and Shaddad’s quivering vocals, anxious desperation sweeps and shivers with the collapse of heart and synapse. This is the end.

This Is My Cue and Eliza Shaddad’s debut album Future is due on the 26th of October through Beatnik Creative.

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