k bye By RAAVE TAPES Is The Loud Party Anthem That You Need

“k bye” By RAAVE TAPES Is The Loud Party Anthem That You Need

Newcastle, Australia-based electro-punk trio RAAVE TAPES follow up 2 U xoxo with their latest adolescent debauchery inspired single, k bye. Crunchy mammoth sized guitars that chew on the hard breast of suburbia opens the single as Joab Eastley belts, “I don’t know what you said to me, but it sounded like Ketamine.” Adolescent angst is propelled into a wormhole of caustic energy where depravity and laughing jackals rest. This coupled with all the basement shows you used to attend in your hometown are the only escape from the mundane that burns your eyes and suffocates you with the writhing tongue of madness.

Speaking on the single, Eastly explained:

“The track was inspired a few years ago at a Newcastle house show ~ when I was a much younger, much more naive version of myself. It was a Sunday night, I had work in the morning, so I was just stopping in on my way home. It’s subtly opening a dialogue about the inextricable links between illicit behaviour & underground youth subcultures ~ all wrapped up in a neat little party track. And no, the irony isn’t lost on us.”

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