Sonny Baker Shares Soaring & Jangly Reluctant Thief

Sonny Baker Shares Soaring & Jangly “Reluctant Thief”

Sonny Baker is the Buffalo-based multi-instrumentalist and a fixture in the local scene having played in several bands. On the side, he’s worked on his own solo project including a slew of projects over the last decade. As he ramps up to the release of next week’s “Steady Hands, Dead Tired” EP, he’s shared, Reluctant Thief.

With a lo-fi-inflected haze of jangly guitars and Bakers hushed vocals, Reluctant Thief soon propels into an emotive sphere where spiralling guitars soar and weep with the tendrils of past ghosts as a now raw Baker beckons from the ether. “This track is about something we can all mostly identify with – failed relationships, whether it be romantic or with a friendship,” explains Baker. “It’s about realizing that you aren’t always the best person and it’s important to be reflective of oneself.”

Reflective or not, people do not change. The taste of blood will ring and fill your ears as you continue to bring disappointment to lovers and friends, never learning, never evolving. The choices of your past will sow themselves in your belly with sorrow and strife and seep through your skin with the leaden weight of failure. This is a rad song, though.

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