The Faded North Release Dreamy Debut Worm

The Faded North Release Dreamy Debut “Worm”

The Faded North is a new indie rock trio originally from North England that now lives in Vienna. Their first single from their forthcoming EP is the dreamy Worm.

Reminiscent of DIIV but with a thicker gauze of heavy pop and grey haze, Worm is a morose tale of giving in to the many sorrows of life, a drug and alcohol addled inability to get off the floor, feelings of insecurity and that you’ll never amount to anything greater but being a pimpled covered worm that squirms from one dark recess of life to the next without the slightest incantation to change and evolve. Forever meandering through the same experiences and reliving the past until you finally crawl to the endless black and stepped on by the heel of time.

Look for more The Faded North in the new year.

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