The Great Escape Release New LP Featuring Incensed All You Got Is Gold

The Great Escape Release New LP Featuring Incensed “All You Got Is Gold”

Following the release of their highly acclaimed mini documentary style music videos and teaming up with Vice for the Creators Project, Venice, LA outfit The Great Escape released their sophomore album, the aptly titled Universe In Bloom. Through 11 tracks that channel the classic approach of some of their favourites along with nods to vintage loving contemporaries, All You Got Is Gold is one of the standout singles.

A single guitar strum and Ingrid Andersson’s captivating vocals lead into a rollicking rock-pop jam blended with soul. A swell of harmonies builds into a crescendo like a graceful storm that walks along the garden. With charming melodies and a heart filled with blushing amber petals, the roots of this garden call to the universe and to you. For it blooms with an incense of bright gold and the sweetness is yours to grasp and sing and praise.

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