Slow Skies Releases Charming Video For Warm Dancing

Slow Skies Releases Charming Video For Warm “Dancing”

After a quiet few years, Dublin’s Slow Skies (Karen Sheridan) returns with a new single titled, Dancing. Opening with gang handclaps and a guitar strum, Sheridan’s crystalline vocals enter and lead into a warm swell of folk with jubilant horns and buoyant piano keys as Sheridan encourages listeners to dance whenever they feel like it.

It’s all about nudging people to think about whatever it is that makes them feel good and just feel happy in that moment,” explained Sheridan. “I want this song to be three minutes where you drift off into a happy place, where nothing else matters. I actually wrote most of the lyrics blindfolded so it was really all about how they made me feel in the moment, with all the other sensory distractions stripped away.”

Although the single was released back in May, it’s now joined by a quirky little video that follows an old man happily dancing throughout the streets in reverse. Watch the charming video right here.

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