Tres Leches Release Furious Basement Rock "Fool's Game"

Tres Leches Release Furious Basement Rock “Fool’s Game”

As we further extend our reaches into indie rock and the more experimental side of music – where I nestled before electronic music took hold, along with this platform of mine – what better way to begin than with Tres Leches (Alaia D’Alessandro Ulises Mariscal and Zander Yates) and Fool’s Game.

Now while some platforms refer to this Seattle band as “art punk”, “psych-tinged rock” and “evocative pop”, Tres Leches are more about that “dark basement” life, which also happens to be my current life. It may not all be dark though, as this trio exudes a rampant energy that hurtles forward into the face of life’s chaos. A distorted and plucked open-tuned guitar, an organ, xylophone, theremin, and dynamic drums combine with the relentless force of youth like a local basement venue packed with buzzed and sweaty kids with scuffed knees, bouncing off walls and off each other and singing along to every word in camaraderie.

Spin Tres Leches’ Fool’s Game below and then the EP.