Vassals Unleash Their Modern Psychedelic Dread With "SoHo"

Vassals Unleash Their Modern Psychedelic Dread With “SoHo”

From their forthcoming Halogen Days EP, SoHo is the first single from Brooklyn trio Vassals (Shay Spence, Jonathan Smith, and Jeff Fettig) that details our bleak reality.

This is the bands first release in several years and what a return it is. What may sound like a regular indie rock song with jangly guitars soon becomes a ferocious yet subdued snap of psychedelic chaos. A moment of composure is joined by shimmering guitars and soft percussion as lead singer Spence discloses her fears of enduring the banal and drab and the unbearable anxiety that overwhelms you. Then she unleashes a sardonic lashing of existential angst and her wanting to “feel alright” as their brand of 90’s rock with a tincture of 60’s psych entrances you with woozy guitars and the fuzz of an exhausting existence where nothing matters. The incessant drone of walking talking tumors is almost enough to make you hit the exit button.

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