JJASMINE Shares Haunting Second Single Intro No Hope

JJASMINE Shares Haunting Second Single “Intro/No Hope”

Born from a spontaneous online encounter between musicians from Germany, Italy, and Syria as a one song collaboration for My Music Masterpeace Competition 2016, JJASMINE would go on to win with their debut single, Demitasse. Now, the duo are set to continue their new endeavour and have released their second single, Intro/No Hope.

Serving as a sort of dual single, Intro begins with a spoken word monologue of past and present despair, wallowing in crippling fear and torment in a bleak void of residual memories. The song gradually transitions into No Hope with a somber piano and gentle percussion trying to escape the void, coalescing into a haunting ambient swell of numbing synths that cry with shattered ghosts. No past. No future. No hope.

Listen to JJASMINE right here.