Wolfy Releases Debut EP With Solid Gold & A Wicked Solo

Wolfy Releases Debut EP With “Solid Gold” & A Wicked Solo

Madison Scheckel is the 24-year-old Los Angeles-based songwriter/producer behind Wolfy, who also just released her debut project, Blood. Throughout the project, Scheckel’s friends are featured in the band and as singers, as she “hates singings songs.” Solid Gold is one such song featuring her dear friends Ren Farren and Katie Skene.

Of the five tracks, Solid Gold is the most pop-inflected one. A funky guitar and hazy vocals are propelled into a driving bass line and bouncing percussion while emphatic vocals croon next to a bouquet of harmonies like amber tendrils. With a swift left-of-center turn, Solid Gold slows down into this gorgeous climactic outro with vocals that drown out all other outside noises, followed by a wicked guitar solo. Fun fact as per Schechel that I feel compelled to share:

“I wanted a guitar solo at the end of the song and when you want something amazing, the best person to call is Devon Eisenbarger, a former classmate, and winner of the “Nicest Person in the World” award 26 years running. She’s also got the most incredible stage presence so it’s no surprise that she’s now on tour with Katy Perry who honestly is LUCKY to have her.”

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