Yacht Punk Can't Believe It Was An Existential Freakout

Yacht Punk Can’t Believe It Was An “Existential Freakout”

Recorded in some garage somewhere in LA, _eight_ months ago, with people who worked with some big name but terrible rock bands, is Existential Freakout by Yacht Punk. As their only original single of 2017, it’s less ‘yacht’ and more ‘punk’ than their previous efforts. The title may have something to do with that. It’s like looking down the mouth of this fucked out cunt of a world with neurotic spears for guitars. They blot the acrid surroundings with bongos and a multitude of textures strapped to an electric chair where there is no future, no past, no hope.

Bandmate Graham Bockmiller provided some insight into the single:

“We ended up using a bunch of strange and interesting sounds during the recording process. That’s something that Matt Wignall always brings to the table. In a way, it ended up sounding almost like a dance track. We utilized bongo sounds from a Costa Rican percussionist, jangling cowbell, electronic samples, and an interview with a 90’s supermodel. As far as the theme of the song, ‘freakout’ is a term that has a negative connotation, but I wanted to try and change into something pleasurable. I wanted the song to have a frantic energy like you’re on the verge of an emotional meltdown, but then transforms into an enjoyable panic attack.”

Freakout with Yacht Punk.

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