Watch Secret Rendezvous Share Brilliant What About Us

Watch: Secret Rendezvous Share Brilliant “What About Us”

Secret Rendezvous is singer/songwriter Sietske “Sisi” Morsch and producer/guitarist Remi “Sausbei” Lauw from Amsterdam and their new single What About Us will blow your mind.

From their forthcoming album due for early 2017, What About Us is a soulful electro-pop jam with Sisi’s tremendous voice that feels limitless in its power. From her soulful reminiscing of the past to the rapture during the hook, you have no choice but to halt and divert all attention to that commanding voice. Sausbei’s production work is an impeccable piece of R&B meets anthemic electro-pop with a stellar guitar line that bursts into an infectious hand clap session.

Their friend Nepanto makes their animation debut with black and white fine line visuals that compliments the feelings of lost love. Drab lonely walks along familiar roads with familiar shops and familiar people that curse your thoughts with good memories of “us” and the subsequent venom that strangles you.