GEO Drops Sincerely EP Featuring Opener Space

GEO Drops “Sincerely” EP Featuring Opener “Space”

Following last years ‘Sincerely’ EP announcement which features ‘Good in the Bad’, GEO returns with the final two singles. Space is the opening track from the project and deals with the intricacies and possible decay of a relationship, specifically a long-distance relationship. Speaking on the single, GEO says:

“‘Space’ puts my insecurities with love under a microscope and outlines the dynamics of being with someone who lives away from you. My experience with this situation in the past includes drastic bouts of doubt and bleak inner dialogue; always questioning if my partner loves me while they’re away. While the song may be inherently sad sounding, there are momentary spells of optimism and alleviation from gloom. I would find pockets of affirmation and assurance in short bursts with the help of Skype calls, short visits, and late goodnight texts but these brief vows were never long lasting. “Space” to me highlights the imbalance that I felt within myself while in a long-distance relationship and the challenges I was met with due to my psyche. After all of the lively ebb and flow, the song ends with an affirmation that I could cling to, a mantra totemic to my optimism in far-away love.”

Beneath gentle notes that pop and bubble is an echo of distant voices as if seeking affirmation. As the gap closes, Space launches into a warped yet deliciously smooth jazz-inflected realm. Listen to the entirety of ‘Sincerely’ below.

Listen to the entirety of ‘Sincerely’ here.