Get Lost In The Euphoric Dream Of Holy Golden's Labyrinth

Get Lost In The Euphoric Dream Of Holy Golden’s “Labyrinth”

The colourful Rhode Island duo Holy Golden graced these gray and solemn pages last August with their surreal little video for “Where Were You When“. Last Friday, they released their new album, “Otherworld“, which the band says, “revolves largely around learning to understand and relate to the intricate inner structures of one’s soul via whimsical songs that feel like the soundtrack to a fantastical film that could be one of those dreams that keeps morphing into something new.”

In the midst of this vibrant collection of songs is Labyrinth, a dream-pop cut that dances with visions of a euphoric dream. A driving drum and jangly guitars dazzle and ring throughout the kaleidoscopic current of this phantasmal galaxy. And if you’re going down, Holy Golden’s going down too, baby.

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