Holy Golden Release Surreal Lo-Fi Visuals For Where Were You When

Holy Golden Release Surreal Lo-Fi Visuals For “Where Were You When”

Holy Golden is the multifaceted musical world of Leslie Schott and Andrew Valenti, where they combine euphoric dream pop with lo-fi garage rock, creating their own uniquely mysterious world. From their Brooklyn Demo project, the duo has released a video for Where Were You When which transposes the duo atop surreal, colourful, and lo-fi imagery like a carousel with sperm behind it, floral patterns, beaches and more. As a simple drum plods along with Valenti’s layered guitars, Schott reflects on the passage of time and its confines and how this affects our love for another being. “When we love with our hearts, time stands still/ We have all the time in the world,” beams a radiant Schott. Time is finite, but our love is endless, boundless, infinite.

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