Johan Debuts The Smokey “Danger_us”

Another anonymous artist to keep tabs on is Johan, the breathy artist from Boston. His debut single, Danger_us is a simple instrumental that has peaked the interest of thousands of people already. Being the next song that played after Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s diss track at one point, might have helped too.

As Johan said of the song, “there’s something sexy about total wilderness, you can forget all the societal cages we’ve drawn around each other and let loose and wild.” These and the sultry words that flow from his smokey voice ring true, but with a hint of sweetness. Danger_us will lure you into the forest and under the moon to the minimal and intimate drum beat and hand claps. Long after you’ve unplugged, you’ll still be humming this eerie campfire gem. Follow Johan to watch his future moves like a possible album.