Toronto's Shan Vincent de Paul Sings Praise On "Thank God"

Shan Vincent de Paul Sings Praise On “Thank God”

From his upcoming debut album, Saviors, Toronto’s Shan Vincent de Paul has released the deeply personal single, Thank God. Drawing inspiration from his complex and troubling relationship with religion and his ultimate quest for spiritual enlightenment, Shan Vincent gives praise to the progression he’s made in his journey. As he explained, “The church fucked up my relationship with god. I walked away from religion a long time ago and have no plans of returning. Now I wear the last name like an old scar. Making this album let me discover my own understanding of spirituality and finding that greater force. Thank God is a song giving praise to that discovery.”

Three years in the making, Savior is due on April 16th with help from fellow sideways member, La+ch. Look out for it and watch the passionate video for the first single, Die Iconic, down below.