Tender Glue Remembers "Rudy" On Third LP Single

Tender Glue Remembers “Rudy” On Third LP Single

Along with Tender Glue’s (Tom Gluewicki) previously released “You Are Tenessee” comes another new single titled, Rudy.

“‘Rudy’ was written about 6 years ago and was inspired by a girl I met once,” explains Gluewicki. “I had chords and a melody written beforehand and the words came quickly to me. This girl had shown me how she rolls her cigarettes, which was the inspiration for the lyrics: “And if I go/ Roll one for me/ Cigarettes you used to smoke/ Hope you will quit”. Although some of the lyrics were based on real scenarios, the whole idea of the song is more of an imagination. I took some of the details of this brief non-intimate meeting and created a story.”

The result of this brief, non-intimate moment is a naturally flowing ambient lo-fi number with a twinkle of guitars and Gluewicki’s sincere yelp of vocals. It flickers and hums with muted blues, unforgettable greens, and uplifting memories.

Tender Glue’s forthcoming album, “Closet Leftovers”, is due later this year.

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