Unlike Pluto & Desi Valentine Drop Jazz Heater Someone New

Unlike Pluto & Desi Valentine Drop Jazz Heater “Someone New”

Known for creating monster bass heavy cuts, Unlike Pluto is set to make a transition in the kind of music he makes. The first taste of what’s to come is Someone New featuring the vocalist Desi Valentine.

Using samples from 50’s jazz records, Someone New still has the crunchy bass that fans are familiar with, but with a sexy swing jazz vibe. Valentine’s smoky vocals fill the room with its sultry chords that repeatedly pulls you in and puts you at a distance. You’re never able to get too close to him and his yearning, and in that space is the booming horns that rock the atmosphere as the room stomps along to the catchy hook. Bigger, louder, call to the infinite stars that watch over and bring someone new.

The new direction Unlike Pluto is going in is an exciting one.