vbnd – Sad Artist

The self proclaimed sad boy, vbnd, continues the vibes with Sad Artist. Recorded on an iPhone and featuring himself on guitar, Sad Artist is a relaxing little thing. Especially if followed up with the chilly “Call Me (Good Bye),” which you’ll also find below. Grab your favorite pillow, throw on a blanket, and cuddle up with Saskatoon’s vbnd.

For more sad boy music (my favourite kind), spin vbnd’s “Easier With Time” EP for more emotional future R&B, starring Aaliyah and Ciara. These throwback samples will crush you under the weight of all those feelings. I throw this on when I feel like a good crying while eating a jar of crunchy peanut butter. Oh and the EP is available as a free download. Get it.

the final phone-call between two ex lovers.

synths in conversation, hearts in ache

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