Premiere Toronto's Savannah Somers Drops Video For River

Premiere: Toronto’s Savannah Somers Drops Video For “River”

When confronted with a bad situation that suffocates with a noxious breath, it can take time and a little self-actualization to leave it all behind. Toronto-based singer-songwriter Savannah Somers channels this experience into her new single, River.

What began in her mother’s house on her Yamaha keyboard was translated into this intimate realm that shifts into a creamy R&B cut with the help of SLWJMZ. It reverberates deep in broken and gasping lungs as the soulful Somers expels its torturous embrace. Of the single, Somers says:

“’River’ is a story about finding peace within oneself and coming to a place of self-understanding to leave behind an unhealthy relationship. Sometimes, when we find ourselves in close relationships that we aren’t truly aligned with, we find ourselves giving and receiving all the things we never wanted and getting to a place where we feel stuck. In my personal experience, I was in a place that I felt like I couldn’t leave and it took me a very long time to do what it took to get out. I’m grateful for the experience, but looking back at it now, I know I was holding on to insecurities of my own. We are all strong enough to do what we know is best for ourselves, sometimes it just takes time to listen. Also, there are always resources available if you need help.”

Now accompanying the single is a co-directed video with Open Late featuring choreography by Stephanie Caldeira. Watch it right here and look out for a house remix of River from Nick Holder in the next week or so.

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