Gyles Bartle Reminisces On Dreamy Debut You

Gyles Bartle Reminisces On Dreamy Debut “You”

When I first started ohestee, I focused on future beats and trap with some hip-hop and R&B in between. I spent countless hours scrolling Soundcloud looking for new music and one of the more intriguing producers I discovered and wrote about, twice in 2015, was Gylzey. The young South East London-based artist is now stepping out of his comfort zone and prepares to make a bigger mark with new music under his real name, Gyles Bartle.

Drawing inspiration from a life-changing trip to a formal hip-hop workshop, You is the first taste of Bartle’s new creative direction. “When recording ‘You’, I was feeling quite detached from everything,” explains Bartle. “Putting myself in this ball that felt like almost no one could see me in, which only made things worse. The night prior to making ‘You’, I remember just laying back in my room literally just daydreaming. So the next morning I woke up and naturally just came about making it.’

You is like an aura of a dream with the lost images of old faces and familiar places. Tranquil beats mingle with a silent midnight hum as Bartle reflects over the passing of time and lost loves before awakening with tender, solitary wounds.

This feels like just a small teaser of the amazing work that lays ahead for Gyles Bartle.

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