WVLF x Uth Fruit – Finn & Jake

Initially featured on the Future Vibes Exclusive Gems Compilation, we asked how Long Island WVLF and Toulouse based Uth Fruit came together for this banging Super Nintendo future track, influenced by Adventure Time.

Uth Fruit: Back when I had very few followers, WVLF contacted me and I talked to him about Splice (a wonderful software to sync projects) and we were on the same DAW so it was perfect! He sent me an idea of a track and we began to work on it one after the other, due to the syncing. WVLF did a big part of the structure and the arrangement of the track, and I concentrated on sound design and harmony. We finally had a first version of the track that we were going to send to edm.com but never got a response. One month later, we took the track and rearranged it completely with the final version going insane and he sent it to Future Vibes. I’ll add that WVLF is a wonderful boy to work with; really kind and funny, and he was the first person to make a track with me, ever. All honor on him!

WVLF: I had been listening to Uth Fruit’s music and it was so good that I messaged him and asked him to collab. Then he introduced me to this program called Splice which makes collabing super easy and we basically just took turns working on the project file. It was great working with him and I think we made an amazing track!

Thanks to both WVLF and Uth Fruit. Now go on and follow these two talented af producers.

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