CHINAH Tease Debut LP With Blissful Future R&B Real Thing

CHINAH Tease Debut LP With Blissful Future R&B “Real Thing?”

Following their recent debut album announcement and the release of “Strange Is Better”, Copenhagen’s CHINAH just dropped Real Thing?. 

Upon my first spin, CHINAH was an instant follow on all platforms. Real Thing? is minimal with a deep rumble between a steady clap and Fine Glindvad’s soft vocals that slip through the crisp production. Hazy and lush with twisting notes and a quaking murmur, this is the real thing. Speaking on the single, Glindvad says:

“‘Real Thing?’ is “a song about choosing to be lazy with your integrity because you long for intensity” and explores the feeling of experiencing a sense of “dominance within the submission“.

 On our upcoming album there ended up being a concept of shifting moods, never letting one mood settle for too long before it’s being swept away. You could say it’s a reflection of the strange reality as we see it; abrupt, shifting and only momentarily meaningful. ‘Real Thing?’ is a light and playful moment on the record, when compared to other songs we made in the same period.

CHINAH’s debut album, “ANYONE”, is due out next month.

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