CREO Returns With Visuals For Explosive Behind The Beat

CREO Returns With Visuals For Explosive “Behind The Beat”

After a slew of releases in 2015, Sydney-based CREO spent 2016 working on their new EP, Subtitles for X, Y, Z. The four-piece indie rock band have now released a new single and accompanying video for Behind The Beat.

In the James Rush video, we follow vocalist Jorjee Haman as he walks towards you through a tunnel with a diverse cast of characters going the opposite way. Like all those they’ve come across in their travels of life and playing music with their sight set on the future without looking back. “This song is very autobiographical in nature and chronologically recounts mine and the band’s journey,” explained Haman. “It’s an insight to how we look back on the fuck ups, the wins, and empathises with nostalgia. That’s what ‘Behind the Beat’ is about, reflection, reminiscence and continuing doing what you love to do.” Driven by Haman’s dynamic vocals, textured elements build with a slow tension that sounds ready to erupt at any moment. When Behind The Beat does erupt, it does so with a singular punch of raw energy fueled by the band’s relentless drive and passion.

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