Watch: Miss Eaves & Friends In Ecstatic "Hump Day"

Watch: Miss Eaves & Friends In Ecstatic “Hump Day”

Miss Eaves (Shanthony Exum) is a Brooklyn based artist known for her unique electro-pop-rap feminist vibe and explosive stage presence. Following this summers electric Hump Day, she’s released an evocative video featuring a diverse cast of women in front of bright colored backgrounds. While they all begin in a reserved manner, they soon hit that ecstatic zone. In an email, she said the video was, “a bunch of different women with different body types and ethnicities showing their orgasm face…and not in a pornographic way, but in a very realistic way.”

As Miss Eaves so eloquently shows us, no two orgasms are the same and there’s no wrong or right away to hit that spot.

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