Francesca Blanchard Shares Carefree Video For "Free"

Francesca Blanchard Shares Carefree Video For “Free”

Following a spot during a recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Francesca Blanchard has now released a video for her new single, Free. Adorned with the warm aroma of verdant scenery and the fresh breeze that carries the sea’s mysteries, Free is natural and organic, much like the inspiration behind it. “‘Free’ was written while I was sitting on my dad’s back porch in Miami, staring out at one of the most beautiful sunsets I’d ever seen,” explains Blanchard. “I thought of what it would be like to witness that kind of spectacle every day, no matter the season…how liberating it would feel to be constantly reminded of how small we are in relation to everything else. And be OK with that.”

Watch a carefree Blanchard through sun-soaked scenes in this Kayhl Cooper directed video.

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